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After you successfully complete your registration process you may use your login and password to enter member area. All newly registered users initially have free $5.00 on their balance. This is quite enough amount to buy 10 submissions as a free trial of Mighty Submitter.

In order to use Mighty Submitter you need to register as a user. All registered users have access to member zone, where they can get any necessary support and information about new versions of Mighty Submitter and TGP database updates.


There are two options of using Mighty Submitter:

  • Option #1: you pay for a time period. This period can be either one month ($30.00, recurring) or three months ($75.00, one-time). During prepaid period you are allowed to submit as many galleries as you wish.
  • Option #2: you pay for the desired submission number. After you submit prepaid number of galleries you have to update your account's balance again.

There are some limitations in using MIGHTY Submitter: you can not register more than one account from same PC, and if you do so - they both will be blocked and you will have to solve this with our support team. If you're a membership user (you buy submitter for a time period), then you may use your account only from the same PC it has been registered from. If you're a submission buyer - than you may use your account from any PC you want, and even let other people use your account's funds (this is useful for wholesalers, who buy large amount of submissions with discounts, create subaccounts and let other people submit for them).


To apply for Mighty Submitter you have to fill the following form. Please note that your password can't be shorter than six characters.

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