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Very short FAQ
How much Mighty Submitter cost?
There are three ways to buy submitter: ▪ pay $0,5 per one gallery submission ▪ pay $30 for one month unlimited membership;
▪ pay $75 for three month unlimited membership.
Can I have more than one account?
If you register more than one account and try to login from at least two of them, all your accounts will be blocked automatically. You may have only one account for one PC. We also have subaccount system, please read about this below.
Can I provide my adverts with free submitter?
Yes, we have subaccount system for these purposes. You can add as many subaccounts as you need and they will use funds (posts) from master account. You must specify allowed domains allowed for each subaccount.
Are there any discounts for wholesalers?

Yes, we have a flexible discount system, but common prices are:
▪ at least 200 posts at once - $0,4 per one post;
▪ at least 500 posts at once - $0,3 per post;
▪ at least 1000 posts at once - $0,2 per post;
▪ at least 10000 posts at once - $0,1 per post.

» Main functions and features.

For today MIGHTY Submitter has no analogues in usability, feature set and submission quality.
Mighty Submitter allows to submit into TGP, MGP and LL in auto and half-auto modes, request partner accounts (using individual databases) and automatically fill almost all forms. Our submitter automatically fills file upload fields and autorecognizes more than 90% of submit codes (including TheHun, Comus and many others. Click here for full list of supported patterns).
Program also allows to confirm letters automatically, including complex ones where you have to manually enter submission ID.

Default TGP database includes about 1000 TGP/MGP, but you can quickly add your own TGP/MGP/LL. You can also update your database online from our server.

Program interface can be easily understood even by an amateur poster. You might need some basic HTML knowledge only to add new records to the database.
On the other hand if you know JavaScript, you may write your own scripts for each database record and it will be performed on submission form right after it was filled. We added an object to standard JavaScript to allow programmers use profile's data in their scripts. Read more about scripts here.

Mighty Submitter allows you to save your submissions into projects. Projects is a combination of queue and profile data. You can apply any saved project to any existing profile, and profile and queue data will be replaced with project data. You can create project queues and setup scheduled submissions. For example you may create 7 project queue and leave for a week. Program will autosubmit and confirm all your projects at any time defined by you. Read more about scheduled submissions here.

Macros allow you to fill complex forms. Example: «<!--picnum--> pics of <!--fulldesc-->» will be replaced with a string like this: «20 pics of brunette babe masturbating», where «20» is your profile's picture count and string after «for» - profile's full description.
Rules allow you to fill even the most complex forms. For instance you may define that some form's option should be selected only if your profile's movie count is 10 and one movie size is approximately 1 megabyte.

Program allows you to put up to 15 recips on one gallery page, setup custom template files and gallery file names for separate gallery mirrors, group items using relations manager or simply by dragging and dropping necessary items. You may also auto-upload generated galleries on FTP server.

You can find out more by downloading Mighty Submitter and reading manual. If you have any questions - please contact support team. After account registration you get free $5 on your balance which can be used for purchasing up to 10 gallery posts.


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