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Affiliate program for MIGHTY Submitter.


To become our affiliate and start promoting MIGHTY Submitter you need to register a submitter account. If you already use our software, you have to use your current account.

We pay you 25% from all credits to your referral accounts (including rebills). All money from your referrals are stored separately and can be added to your MS balance or transferred to your bank account. We may also transfer money to your Fethard account. Minimal payout sum is $100 for wire transfers (comission is $15 + intermediary bank charge) and $25 for Fethard transfers (no comission).

Before you start selling MIGHTY Submitter please read these rules, as we reserve the right to block your referral account if we feel that these rules are not met. Note, that starting promoting our software will mean that you AGREE with rules written below.
  • You must be 18 or 21 years of age, depending on your local jurisdiction, to participate in the program.

  • Webmasters from all the countries are welcomed with no restrictions.

  • All payments will be made in US $ by wire or internal Fethard transfer.

  • MIGHTY Submitter banners must be served from your server.

  • Self-referring webmaster accounts are forbidden.

  • MIGHTY Submitter Affiliate program denies spamming, cheating and unethical Internet business practices. This includes any and all outlets such as unsolucited bulk e-mail, IRC, news groups.

  • There will be no compensation for technical disfunction should it result in downtime or other inconveniences.

  • We do not take any responsibility, or liability for any of the actions of our webmasters regarding ALL unlawful practices. We expect you our webmasters to maintain the highest ethical standards set by this agreement or terms and conditions.

Start selling MIGHTY Submitter!

To start selling MIGHTY Submitter immediately, just send your traffic here: http://www.mightysubmitter.com/?ref=YourAccountName

Actually, you may send traffic to any MS website URL adding parameter «ref» set to your account name. Beware - account names are case sensitive.

All statistics, promo tools, referral link URLs and other personal information are available in «Affiliate» section of our Member-zone.

Good luck!



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