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23.03.2009   MIGHTY Submitter 2.5 released!

The program is now fully compatible with all modern Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Vista and Windows 7 Beta. Enjoy!


26.12.2007   Make upcoming New Year 2008 even better with Mighty Submitter membership!

Our team wishes you all the best in the upcoming new year and gifts you our traditional discount: till the end of January 2008 you may purchase one year membership for $100 only! Hurry up! And may all your wishes and plans come true, Good Luck!


26.12.2007   MIGHTY Submitter 2.25 released!

Here is a list of new features:

  • Category editing has become much easier: you can now move them up and down using the arrow buttons on the right of the list

  • New feature in a database: category number limitation. This optional setting specifies the maximum number of categories that can be selected for this particular site, so you can conform all the rules of some TGP and LL sites

  • Success detection: you can now specify the list of phrases not for error detection only, but for successful submission detection too. This feature is optional, so if you don't want to use it just keep this list empty

  • Many serious bugs in form filling were corrected, thanks for your vigilance and feedback


22.10.2007   Attention! Changes in payment processing!

Due to a well known problems with Fethard Finance we temporarily do not accept payments via this system. Please use Credit Cards or WebMoney. We can also accept ePassporte, please contact our support for details.


16.10.2007   MIGHTY Submitter 2.24.2 is out!

This release is mainly dedicated to multiple bug fixes:

  • Database export and import bug was fixed

  • Thumbnail unit: "Cut all proportional thumbs" bug was fixed

  • Plenty of serious bugs were fixed in form filling functions

  • You must now manually put a dot (.) into "Base file extension" profile field if you need it there. When you launch new MS version for the first time, program will attempt to correct these fields automatically, but you should better check it out afterall.

ATTENTION! As we have moved to a new server, versions of MS older than 2.24.2 will stop working as authorisation module was pointing to IP address, not domain name (this is also fixed now), so please upgrade to a new version AS SOON, AS POSSIBLE! Thanks and Good Luck!


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