Creating project queues and running scheduled submissions

To create a project queue you need to create a set of projects first (one project at least). To do so, please run Project Manager and create some projects from your profiles there. Remember - project is a combination of queue and profile field values. It can be created from any profile and applied to any profile later for further submission. After you create some projects you may go to «Project queue» tab of Project Manager, and begin creating project queue.

Project Manager's «Project queue» tab

Available projects - list currently existing projects;

Queued projects - project queue;

Project settings - settings for currently selected queue item. Submission start time must be assigned for each project in a queue: first project must be given an exact date and time, all other projects must have time interval after previous project finishes submitting (can be zero); You may also specify if you wish to submit project's manual queue in autosubmitter, if you want to run confirmer for this project or not (please make sure that queue's destination profile has appropriate POP3 accounts set; destination profile can be set in «Run queue on» field described above), and if you want to use cookies from source profile (this is only possible if you have separate cookie storing feature enabled and project's source profile is not deleted yet).

Scheduler settings

Note: if project's source profile still exists, then partner accounts from that profile will be used during project submission. In other case destionation profile's partner accounts will be used.

After you create and setup project queue, you should turn MIGHTY Submitter into Independent mode (File ® Mode ® Independent) to enable timer, and wait until it finishes submitting your project queue.