«Gallery maker» section.

This is a small tool for automatic gallery creation using design templates and picture content.

Input settings

Output settings

Thumbnail settings - thumbnail generation settings.

Example: Let's imagine that we have a "big" gallery containing two pictures: 400x600 and 400x610. We select - Resample by width, 120 pixels. As a result we shall have two thumbnails with 120x180 and 120x183 dimensions respectively. They're same width (120 pixels, as we set), but as the heights of source images were different, our thumbnails aren't same height. To make them same height you should put a tick on "Crop output images by other side to make them same size" and then we shall have two thumbnails with same dimensions (120x180 pixels).

Available thumbnails (found in content path) - all image files that were found in specified content path, which matched user filters (see Image filters button below). This is a source content to make thumbnails from.

After all adjustments are done you need to do next: