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MIGHTY Submitter 2.0 is a high effective professional tool to automate gallery submissions to Thumbnail Gallery Post websites without any risk to get blacklisted or banned. Our software package allows you to build, upload, submit your galleries and store the results for future reviewing or resubmitting, helping you save your time.


Here is a list of the main features:

  • Two submit modes - automatic and manual. Auto submitter works in multithread mode, submitting to several TGPs at a time, manual submitter works in singlethread mode, filling forms and waiting for user to click «Submit» button

  • Project management system allows you to save your current submission queue and profile data into a single project, so you could submit it anytime later. It also allows you to schedule submissions of your projects so you can automatically submit and confirm them all in a row anytime you wish! Please refer to the manual for details on scheduled submissions.

  • Automatic multiaccount e-mail confirmer. Out confirmer makes it possible to automatically confirm all e-mails sent to you, from simple link clicking up to complex form posting (when you had to manually click on link and enter submit code)

  • Unlimited profile count, each having it's own unique gallery settings (URLs, Proxies, partner passwords, unused TGP lists, etc)

  • Full control over your personal database - you may freely add, edit and remove any TGPs you want

  • Automatic recognition of more than 90% of passphrases (submit codes). Click here for full list of supported patterns.

  • Possibility to add your custom gallery categories into profiles

  • Possibility to add custom text fields into profiles with any custom values

  • Full macros support allows to fill combined fields. For instance <!--picnum--> pics of <!--fulldesc--> equals to appropriate profile data, e.g. 20 pics of hot brunette babe

  • Possibility to add custom macros for any profile field.

  • Autosubmit to multistep TGPs, where user has to click «Submit» button or hyperlink several times

  • Any custom thread count for autosubmitter and e-mail confirmer

  • Automatic gallery upload on FTP server

  • Possibility to generate galleries with different recip count on different pages

  • Possibility to use different templates and custom filenames for different pages

  • Built-in Thumbnail Maker, which allows you to create thumbnails for your gallery easily and quickly

  • Built-in Database Validator, which checks if your database is valid or real submit-forms have changed and your database needs to be updated

  • Online TGP and submit code database update from our server

  • TGP relationship management system allows you to setup which TGPs are friends and which are enemies, allowing you to group recips more properly

  • Complete customization to conform all your desires



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